– Do you identify as a woman?
– Do you identify as non-heterosexual?
– Are you 18+?
– Do you currently live in Australia?

You are invited to contribute to a Macquarie University PhD project, exploring how sexual minority women experience and interact with HIV in contemporary Australia. As part of this project, this website has been created to share a collection of moments where sexual minority women describe their diverse experiences surrounding HIV. This might include:

– short written text in any form (e.g. a short response, a brief description, a piece of poetry, etc.),
– an audio clip,
– an image, or
– a video.

Please use the medium with which you are most comfortable. Because this project is focussed on occasions where sexual minority women encounter HIV in their daily lives, you are encouraged to submit as many entries as you would like. Responses might include your direct experiences with HIV, or a time when you encountered a depiction of HIV, a conversation about HIV, politics around HIV, or were witness to other people’s experiences of HIV – no experience is too insignificant to be included. If you are uncomfortable with your story being posted online – either anonymously, under a pseudonym, or under your real name – you will also be given the option to submit your response directly to the researcher. It is, however, hoped that in publishing these stories online, sexual minority women might become more visible in the Australian HIV landscape.

If you would like to participate, please click submit on the left hand sidebar (or click here) and follow the survey link, or contact Katherine on the email listed below for more information.

Katherine Manlik
Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies
Macquarie University

This project has been approved by the Macquarie University Human Research Ethics Committee (Reference Number: 5201955979790).